Well… Yuno is pretty bored cause they don’t beg for their lives anymore. 

Edward Elric: “Whether they call me the dog of the military, or curse me as a devil, Al and I will get back our bodies. But.. We are neither devils, or gods at that. We’re humans. We are just humans!!! Puny, powerless humans, who can’t even save one little girl. 

“I’m not fit to be called a detective. You really are my son. Your eyes… look just the same as mine… when I was young.”

Tomomi Masaoka to his son.

-Since we changed the door color, this is the new entrance of the castle. This is a present for you, Sophie. Here we go. This is my secret garden.

- Fantastic. This is also what you created by the magic?

- No. I used magic only for helping weak flowers.

- Magnificent! It’s wonderful, Howl! It’s like a dream…

- Sophie.

- It’s strange…I feel familiar with this place as if I’ve been here before… I don’t know why, but tears are coming out…

- Come with me. Look!

- What a cute house.

- That’s my hiding place.I used to stay there alone in summer when I was a kid.

- Stayed alone…?

- My uncle left that lodge stealthily for me. He was also a wizard.

- That’s also for you, Sophie. Is something wrong with you?

- If I go there, you’ll go somewhere far away and leave me behind, won’t you? Howl, tell me the truth.I don’t care about your real identity.

- Listen, I just want you to live in peace. How about opening a flower shop and sharing beautiful flowers in here with people in the town? I think you can handle it.

- Are you leaving after that?

- I want to help you…

- Obviously, I’m not a beautiful girl. Only thing I can do is clean the house, though.

- Sophie, you are beautiful. You really are.

- Good thing about being old is to have fewer things to lose.